Photo Editing Helps Tell Our Stories | Why It Is Important to Hire a Professional Photo Editing Service

For many of us, photography means telling a story by capturing that perfect moment.  However, when a bright blue looks more like a dull gray, and a random stranger walks behind our family photo or that one piece of siding has come off an otherwise gorgeous piece of real estate, these photos communicate more of what is less than perfect.

Why Hire a professional photo editing service? Editing photos can bring them to life and make them far more likely to attract clients. Sure, you can use those filters on your smartphone, but they’re really just going to put a generic look to a moment that is so personal. The importance of photo editing is why so many people search online for “photo editing company near me”.


How Will Photo Editing Services Help Me?

Photo editing can range from simple tweaking to make photos pop, to full editing to create a whole new work of art. By working with the balance of color and light, photo editors can bring contrast and saturation to a dull photo. While this seems like an easy process, it takes finesse. A professional has not only these fine skills but also the ability to add and remove objects seamlessly. Photo restoration can fix old and sometimes damaged photos.


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What Is Being Edited?

Objects, portraits, and landscapes. These three categories make up the majority of the photos we take. All these photos can either be dull or extraordinary.


Objects in photos can be rearranged in a way more suitable to sell certain products. Sheen can be added to fruits and vegetables for grocery stores or farmer’s markets.  Shine can be added to gems for jewelry. For online stores, photo editing services can make items look uniform, so the web page can look clean and easily navigated.


Editing of portraits is useful to fix blemishes, and poorly cast shadows. This editing is used for fashion or portraits, such as senior photos, weddings, and family photos. In sales and marketing, this photo editing helps make the people in the images display the products and services so they appeal to clients.

Editing of landscapes is important for any service that advertises working with plants or architecture. This includes real estate firms, farmers’ markets, or parks. Removal of power lines and other unsightly objects allows your audience to see the true beauty or your space.

Before and after picture of replacing a spiral-bound notebook with a note pad.

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On Waves’ Design Offers A Low Cost and High Result Photo Editing Service.

On Waves’ Design offers a low cost and high result professional photo editing service. But we’re not just going to give you a cheap retouching service that’ll make your colors look ridiculously bright or the people look like plastic dolls. Our team has over two decades of experience in photo editing. We use Photoshop and all the Adobe Suites to give you exactly the photo editing you need. We are a local design and arts company servicing all of Hampton Roads, including Virginia Beach and Newport News, as well as Richmond. However, we have clients all over the country, so feel free to contact us no matter where you or your business lives.


So next time you’re overwhelmed by looking at the 100+ photos you took of that one thing, and you’re asking yourself, “Can someone photoshop my pictures for me?!” On Waves’ Design answers “Yes!” Let us capture your memories perfectly!



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