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When you are looking for talented reliable graphic design and mural artists in the Hampton VA area, you can always count on On Waves' Design. We have over 15 years of experience in the arts working in both 2D and 3D media. Hampton VA is one of our favorite cities to work in. The people are fantastic and the beaches are incredible. From Buckroe Beach to Fort Monroe, and Phoebus, we are honored to serve the amazing clients in this city.  We are the Hampton VA graphic design and mural artists you can count on for top quality logo design, business card design and print design and mural art at the lowest possible prices.

Graphic Design Company

In today's digital world graphic design is one of the most relevant styles of art. When it comes to any form of media, whether it is digital or for print you need a graphic designer. Being in charge of that much work may be daunting and that is why On Waves' Design is here to take on the heavy lifting. When you need someone to design your brochure you can count on us. When you need someone to design your logo, you can count on us. If it is an online banner or a banner that stands outside your storefront, you can count on On Waves' Design to deliver a professional design in a timely manner.  One of our specialties and favorite things to do is design logos. That's right, we are your number one source for logo designers. From whimsical designs to clean-cut designs we are the most versatile logo designers in the business. On Waves' Design is equipt to handle your toughest graphic design needs.

graphic design hampton VA

Graphic Design and Mural Artist Hampton VA

Graphic Design and Mural Artist Hampton VA

Graphic Design and Mural Artist Hampton VA

Talented Mural Artists in Hampton VA

Why look outside the city for mural artists when you have some right in your backyard? On Waves' Design has been servicing the city of Hampton VA for many years. With the president of our company being an art teacher for the city of Hampton VA, Hampton is always a top priority. It is our goal to bring beautiful murals to the walls of downtown Hampton and Phoebus and it all starts with you. Our method of creation is to start with a concept for design. We will draw it out in full color on paper or digitally first. When the design is approved we take to the streets and walls of the great city of Hampton VA. Depending on the gravity of the work we usually get the mural painted within 1 to 2 days.  Murals are the perfect way to add style and flair to your storefront, office, or restaurant.  With murals you can express the vibe of your establishment in large format. With beautiful flowing colors on your walls or floors, your place of business will burst with energy. On Waves' Design are the mural artists you want for the job. (view our work).

Respect is the On Waves' Design Moto

At On Waves' Design, we have deep roots in customer service. That is why everyone that contacts us is treated with respect and care. When contacting On Waves' Design you will receive one-on-one attention every step of the way.


Honesty, professionalism and fast delivery are the building blocks of our business. On Waves' Design was founded in 2014, and has been satisfying our customers ever since with these three simple guidelines. The quality of all of our products, whether it be murals, any one of our graphic design services including logo designs, business card designs, or print design you are going to receive top of the line service. It is all part of our commitment to excellence. So if you need graphic design and mural artists in Hampton VA, give us a call at (978) 729-6050.