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    What is your money supporting?

    Tis the season of holiday giving! This time of year is full of love, happiness, and giving to one another. When thinking about gifts for loved ones, there are many options to consider. Here is why you should choose Yorktown Virginia Artists.

    With so many people to buy presents for and so many possibilities, it can be overwhelming to say the least. The hustle and bustle of crowded stores and crazy prices make it hard to find a perfect gift.

    When looking for a gift or even something for yourself, there are a few things to keep into consideration. Quality, price, and your eco footprint are all important things to look into when investing your hard earned money into a product.

    When spending money, it is critical to be aware of who you are supporting. Supporting local businesses is imperative now more than ever. For every $100 spent towards an independent local business, $73 stays in the community compared to $43 for national chains and $0 for online national chains.

    These figures are not surprising, as investing in your local businesses directly strengthens the local economy. Considering most of the holiday shopping being done this year is going to be online, supporting local businesses is by far more beneficial to local communities than investing in national online chains.

    Shopping locally is not only beneficial to economics, but the environment. 61% of small businesses are actively trying to go greener while 70% of small businesses aim to be eco-friendly in the next two years. Investing in your local businesses supports community groups, creates local jobs, encourages local prosperity and is known to provide better and more individualized service.

    We ourselves are hyper-conscious of where we invest our money, so we understand the importance of quality, eco-friendly gifts that support local Yorktown Virginia Artists.

    Virginia is for Lovers AND Artists 

    Our state is known for love of course, but it is also known for our diverse art community. Virginia has a plethora of local businesses and local artists. In our talented state and region, you will be sure to find anything you need this holiday season locally.

    Based in Yorktown, we offer a variety of different local artwork gifts. We are a husband and wife duo of Yorktown Virginia Artists who have extensive art backgrounds as our team has a combined 15+ years in the art and design business.

    With our combined talents, skills and artistic education, we are able to create images that are universal for anyone to enjoy. We have sold our art locally since we moved to Virginia two years ago, and have been welcomed by the amazing Yorktown community ever since.

    We currently sell at the Yorktown Farmers Market with other Yorktown Virginia artists and businesses. Lovers of everything outdoors, you will find a mixture of coastal and wooded themes weaved into our art.

    This is a reflection of the vast landscapes in Virginia that we are inspired by everyday. We offer free shipping on all orders in the United States, encouraging social distancing by making it as easy as possible to safely get your Local Artwork Gifts.

    Something for everyone!

    We offer a diverse selection of art mediums that have the ability to be featured on any type of product. These include Watercolor, Ink, Colored Pencil and Digital art.

    This gives the ability to pick any type of aesthetic that fits whoever you are gifting perfectly.  Our artist shop is artist-made, owned, and operated ensuring the best quality and services for our customers. Mostly everything we offer is printed in the United States and all the images are created in-house by our team. 

    Through a diverse set of themes, you can find a local artwork gift perfect for anyone in our artist shop. Under The Sea, In The Woods, Botanicals, and Skeletons are just some of the designs we offer.

    As Yorktown Virginia Artists, we have bags, bathroom accessories, blankets, pillows, decor, masks, mugs, clocks, stickers, socks, greeting cards, spiral-bound journal, mounted and framed canvas, and posters that have our art printed on them. Within those categories, we provide a unique array of fun local artwork gifts that can fulfill any holiday gift desire.

    Our bags come in six different styles while our blankets and pillows cover five different options for optimal comfort and personalized gifts. Whether you are looking for a functional piece of art or a new centerpiece for a home, On Waves’ Design artisan shop has you covered.

    If you do not find exactly what you are wanting, thanks to being a small business, we can accommodate your wishes! For example, if you are wanting a certain design that is featured on our greeting cards but want it on a shower curtain, we will gladly do what we can to make your vision a reality for your loved ones.

    Product Examples We Love

    Some of our featured and most loved pieces include our ‘Botanical 2 – Accessory Pouch w T-bottom’. This popular design brings functionality and fine art together, similar to most of our products. These vary from small to large and can be used for pretty much anything. They make excellent pencil cases and cosmetic travel bags. They are constructed of a durable material with a zipper closure. You even have the option to choose a zipper color, a small detail that makes all the difference.

    Staying safe during these times does not have to mean you have to sacrifice looking good. With our Autumn Leaf mask, both safety and aesthetic are priority. These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier around the face with a personalized touch.

    yorktown virginia artists local artwork gifts

    For the Love of Art and Community 

    Yorktown Virginia artists have supported the community by engaging local businesses and beautifying our area. To support local artists is to support your community and is an investment for our community’s well-being. With keeping quality, environment and economics in mind, finding your holiday gifts should be easy this season with our wide selection of personalized gifts everyone is sure to love.

    Natasha Evans Graphic Design Company Newport News VA On Waves' Design

    About Natasha

    Natasha received her Bachelors of Art and Design Art Education from Salem State University along with her Massachusetts State Licensure in Art Education. While there, she earned the Academic Certificate of Excellence for Art Education. Prior to this, she earned her associate's certificate of Residential Planning from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Natasha has been involved with the art and design industry, for over fifteen years.


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