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Have you ever thought to yourself, " I need a photo editing service near me!". Well if you have then you can look no further. On Waves' Design is your local and professional photo editing service.


Let me tell you a little about us. On Waves' Design is a multifaceted Artist Company with expertise in Photo Editing Services, Illustration, Printing Service, Murals, Graphic Design, and Website Design. We are located in Yorktown and are servicing  Newport News VA, and the Historic Triangle, which includes Colonial Williamsburg, VA, Yorktown, VA, and Jamestown, VA.


This is one of the most beautiful areas in Virginia, rich in history and culture. We look forward to servicing the people of Colonial Williamsburg and being your local photo editing service. On Waves' Design is the graphic design company you can count on for top-quality photo editing, web design, and printing services at the lowest possible prices.

Can Someone Photoshop My Pictures for Me?

A popular question we get asked is "do you Photoshop pictures?" The simple answer is yes, we do Photoshop pictures, but the real answer is a little more complex than that. If you are a professional photographer, a business owner trying to showcase your work, or a food blogger trying to get the perfect take on your latest recipe, then you know getting that perfect picture is not an easy task.


Often times it takes many shots and even still it needs a little extra enhancement to make it just right. Well, that is where we come in. As a professional photo editing service, we specialize in those extra enhancements. It is part of our job to add that finishing touch to your photos to make them look just right.

photo editing service newport news va, Williamsburg VA graphic design company on waves' design

Professional Photo Editing Service in Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, VA, Newport News, VA

We pride ourselves in our method of keeping the photo looking realistic, but with an overall pop that just wasn't there at the start. We will not over-saturate your photos, we will match your style and vision to accomplish the photo you wanted in the first place.  As professional graphic designers, we are constantly working with photos, editing and adjusting them. We are always composing magazines, and publications, children's book illustrations, and videos, so we have a lot of experience working with photos.


What separates On Waves' Design from the rest is our experience in both 2D and 3D art. Our work scope goes beyond just photo editing. With over 15 years of experience working in the arts, our team understands your art, on the whole, we know where the light source should be coming from, what should be shadowed and why, and the colors that should be produced when mixed together.


So when you ask "can someone photoshop my pictures for me?" we respond with a resounding "YES!". Contact us today to get a free consultation and tell us what you're thinking about your project.

Professional Photo Editing Service in Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, VA, Newport News, VA

Replacing Photos, Photo Editing Service Williamsburg, VA

Photo editing can be more than just enhancing light or fixing skin blemishes. It can also be removing or replacing objects from photos. For example, the pictures shown here are a before and after of a product, a company we were working with wanted to market. They offer spiral-bound notepads and tear away notepads.


They only had a picture of the spiral-bound notepad with a nice background and wanted to use the same background for their other notepad. So how did we do this?

First, we removed the spiralbound notepad from the photo. Next, we added the new notepad. Here is where we needed to make some decisions. We needed to decide where the light is coming from. We looked at the coffee, saw that the light is directly above and follow suit with the new notepad.


After that decision was made, we needed to add back in the wood background and create a shadow for the notepad to look like it is sitting on the table.


A small project like this typically takes between thirty minutes to an hour and would cost roughly $40 to $80. In most cases, we can offer same-day delivery. And if you are local to us (Yorktown VA, Williamsburg, VA, Newport News, VA, Jamestown, VA, etc.) and need your photos scanned we can take care of that too. We have a high-quality Epson Scanner that will scan up to 600dpi. So get a free consultation today and we can discuss what is best for you and your project.

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We pride ourselves in being a local resource for the people of Virginia. If you are in need of professional photo editing service, graphic design, illustration or just need advice on your project, don't hesitate to call. We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm and are here to help you! So give us a call (978) 729-6050.