Illustrative Artwork on Cards, Accessories, Home Decor and More

Artwork on cards, accessories, and home decor, we create illustrative artwork using a variety of mediums including digital, watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencils, etc. Whether it is soft botanicals painted with neutrals, you’re looking for, spooky skeletons drawn in black ink or spectacular sea creatures with bold colors; the artwork found at On Waves’ Design is meant to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. 

Illustrative Artwork on Cards, Accessories, Home Decor and More

Why Choose Illustration? 

Illustration allows artists the ability to show expression with even the simplest of lines and shapes. It looks deeper into the imagination of the artists and often communicates ideas that are otherworldly. Unlike photography or film, illustration can bend forms in impossible directions. Vibrant colors that may seem garish in real life, seem natural in illustrative art


Custom Designed Artwork On Cards 

Compass Greeting Card Artist Designed Products Illustrative Artwork On CardsI spend a lot of time picking out cards each year because I want to make sure the ones I give are good enough that the people will want to keep them. I also want to make sure that the words are fitting. How often do we see cards that look nice, but the words just do not make sense to the relationship? 

When you want to send a personal message that is as unique as the relationship you have with the person you are giving it to, come to us. Our cards are made by independent artists, not mass-produced. We offer beautiful designs for romantic occasions, dancing skeletons for funny happy birthday, cute animals for baby announcements, soft florals for sympathy,  thank you’s, or just to say hello. The cards are blank so you can write words from your own heart. However, we offer half-hour consultation settings for helping write brief messages. 

Jelly Fish Greeting Card Artist Designed Products Illustrative Artwork On Cards Underwater Creatures Greeting Card Artist Designed Products Illustrative Artwork On Cards

Illustrative Artwork on Accessories 

Botanical Travel Mug Artist Designed Products Accessories make the outfit right? That is possibly more true today than ever before. We carry our phones with us everywhere and more and more of us are on the go with an assortment of bags and cases. They have become an extension of not just our clothing, but ourselves. We communicate who we are by the colors and patterns we choose for these items have on us at all times. We use them so much we constantly need a new one and we want each one we have to be as cool as that last. 

Whether it’s a bag or a cell phone case, we have you covered with cute flowers or funky designs to make your accessory a one of a kind. We offer full-size bags to carry everything for your journey, totes for your groceries, and pouches for your toiletries. We can also provide artwork for the case of your iPhone or Samsung


Underwater Adventure Laptop Case Artist Designed Products Botanical Phone Case Artist Designed Products


Artist-Designed Home Decor

Duvet Cover Illustrative ArtOur homes are our sanctuaries. They are where we go to escape the hustle and bustle, entertain, and be close to our families. We want them to express who we are and what makes us comfortable. That’s why it is said, “The home is where the heart is.” What better way to stay true to that statement than by choosing decor that is made by artists who pour their hearts into their work? Need a fun design for the bedroom? Our designs can be put on bedding such as pillows and blankets. Want an underwater theme for the bathroom? We sell towels, bath mats, and shower curtains. Sprucing up the living room? Check out our rugs and throws! 

Illustrative Artwork Baby Bear Wall Art Illustrative


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Eco-Friendly Products

In an effort to become more eco friendly, we are actively seeking out printers who can print eco-friendly products for the home decor, stationery, wall art, and accessories we provide. All of our products are currently being printed in the U.S.A. and by local printers.

Custom Orders

You may be looking through our work and thinking, “None of this expresses who I am or what I want. Will they make something especially for me?” Yes! We do accept custom commissions. We can put artwork on cards, home decor, stationery and much more. Please use our questionnaire so we may better understand your design needs. The questionnaire can be found here


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