Finding a good illustrator can be tough. That's why at On Waves' Design we make it easy. Our talented team can work in any medium you would like, whether it be watercolor paint, artist markers or computer illustration. We can also work in any media you desire. So if you are looking for illustrators for your newly written children's book or have a cool vision for an illustrative band poster, give us a call!

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Adult and Children's Book Illustration

Whether you're looking for a silhouette on the cover of a dramatic novel, or a cute animal hopping through the pages of a picture book, our team will bring your story to life.

info graphic illustrators

Info Graphics

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so our infographics quickly explain visually everything your clients need to know about your business.


Once you have your theme and venue, let us announce your event to the world!


Want to bring your community together through educational resources? Our team designs engaging and streamlined brochures.


Party? Concert? Gig? Show? We do it all with our groovy posters that read easily from the walls of your local cafes and taverns.

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Getting Married? New Baby? Birthday? Whether it's a large event or a small intimate get together, we can create the perfect invitation for your guests.

And other publications

From mugs and tees to stickers and magnets and applique signs, we here at On Waves' Design have the expertise and resources to make you exactly what you want and need to communicate to your audience.

Let's Get Connected

At On Waves' Design, we love to illustrate. It is our goal to collaborate with like-minded clients, so if you have an idea we want to know about it. We can adapt our style to anything you desire, so don't hesitate to contact us with your project. We would love to hear from you and even more so we would love to work with you!