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If you are looking for a company to design your publications, than look no further. On Waves' Design is your number one publication design company in the Newport News, VA area.  With years of experience working in the printing industry, there isn't a publication we haven't seen. Our experienced designers will work with you page by page designing your publication exactly how you envisioned it.  We serve this community with great honor, and we look forward to satisfying many new customers in the community as we continue to grow. Wherever you may live in town, from Denbigh to Glendale to The East End to Hilton Villiage and beyond, we are the Newport News, VA publication design company you can count on for top quality magazine design, catalog design, book design, and printing services at the lowest possible prices.

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Designing catalogs and magazines takes a lot of patience and a great eye for design. That is why publication design is one of our specialties. From concept to layout to finished product, On Waves' Design is with you every step of the way. We will design your publication in the style that you want. Are you looking for something with a Rolling Stones vibe, or perhaps a Mad Magazine illustrative look? No matter what the style we can make it happen. As an added service, On Waves' Design is connected with several printing companies from Ohio to Massachusetts to right here in Newport News VA. We will find the best price for printing and get you the best price, saving you time and the headache of price comparing. When it comes to Publication Design Service, you can't go wrong with On Waves' Design.

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Publication Design and Illustration Design in Newport News, VA

Marker Illustration of a Bear and Flowers Illustrators Newport News VA Design Portfolio

Publication Design and Illustration Design in Newport News, VA

Expert Illustration Design in Newport News VA 

Illustration design can be such a broad term. What qualifies for illustration? Some people think of cartoons while others think of sketches or realistic drawings. Regardless of what you may define as illustration design On Waves' Design can accomplish it. With over 15 years working in 2D art, watercolor, painting, and digital illustration we have something for everyone. If you have an idea for a mug or a t-shirt we can help you with that. We will design your illustration and help you get the prints. If you need to set up an online store we can help you with that. Illustration design has crossed so many media's and we cover them all. So when you need illustrations for your publication design, illustrations for your website, or illustrations for physical products you know you can count on On Waves' Design to get the job done. (view our work).

On Waves' Design is the Right Choice 

With over 15 years working in the arts the team at On Waves' Design is the only design team you will ever need. From house staging and photography to publication design and illustration design, On Waves' Design has the know-how to get it all done. And, we love to do it! Creating art is our passion and when we make something for a client it gives us that warm feeling inside. If you are looking for a company that will work with you, be patient and you can trust than On Waves' Design is the right choice. When you need publication design or illustration design choose On Waves' Design. Any time you need the services of a Newport News, VA graphic design company, give us a call at (978) 729-6050.